ModThatIsNotMod (Beta)
by YOWChap
ModThatIsNotMod is a remake of Boneworks Modding Toolkit, Custom Items Framework, Mag Eject Button, and Automatic Spawn Guns all in one mod, completely rewritten from scratch. It should be fully backwards compatible with the toolkit and custom items, but it's entirely possible that I've missed something. This should have less of an impact on game performance than the original mods and is much easier for me to maintain since the code is a way cleaner (for now). This requires a version of MelonLoader v0.3.0.1 that doesn't have a release on github yet. You can download a build of the commit from here: https://nightly.link/LavaGang/MelonLoader/actions/artifacts/44967579.zip The link goes to a different site but it's still downloading the file directly from github. This is because github only lets you download artifacts if you're logged in. You can install this version of MelonLoader by selecting manual zip in the installer.

For regular mod users:

If you choose to use this, make sure to remove the mods that this replaces from your game to avoid conflicts. Also, keep in mind that since this is a beta there will very likely be bugs.

For modders and mod content creators:

There's a new way to configure custom items in Unity that doesn't need a bunch of empties now, and the mod will log the name of the item creator when it gets loaded. Custom items can now also include custom monobehaviours on them straight from Unity Custom monobehaviours can be from an existing mod or loaded from a .dll put into UserData/MonoBehaviours. They can also be embedded directly into a .melon file, but this can be disabled in MelonPreferences since you can't manually check the code beforehand. There's more info about the new system in the ModThatIsNotMod Unity Tools, which you can download from https://bonetome.com/boneworks/code/1016/

Some of the more useful new things that have been added for use in mods:

- CustomItems.SpawnFromPool() to spawn any pooled item, custom or vanilla - Get custom SpawnableObjects without any annoying workarounds with CustomItems.GetCustomSpawnable() - Easily remove stuff like "[2]" or "(Clone)" from gameobject names with SimpleHelpers.GetCleanObjectName() (idk if this is actually useful to anyone but I needed it so it's there) - Get the last item that was spawned from the util gun with SpawnMenu.lastSpawnedPoolee Everything under the BoneworksModdingToolkit or CustomItemsFramework namespace is purely for backwards compatibility and can be ignored.


There are 4 logging levels to determine what the mod should output to the console. 0 = minimal logging 1 = normal logging 2 = verbose logging 3 = debug logging If you want a specific gun to have infinite ammo, you can do that in MelonPreferences as well by adding it's name to the array. Some prefs aren't automatically added to avoid cluttering the config file, so you'll have to add these manually if you want to enable them. TabloidMode = true HappyFunTime = true MinHappyFunTimeWait = 30 MaxHappyFunTimeWait = 300 Some features are still missing, but will be reimplemented eventually. - Weapon replacement - Custom item skins (maybe) Credits to Chromium#1111 for some code from Boneworks Modding Toolkit and Custom Items Framework :)


- Hopefully fixed an issue with mag eject input not being detected for some oculus users


- Initial beta release
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Comments ( 2 )
5 days ago
Thanks for all the hard work Chap! I am having some problems in the beta but will definitely be using this mod when it is fully released. While using this mod, custom weapons are not aligned properly when grabbed and custom player models always have their hands clenched. I am on the Oculus Rift S, and have the recommended nightly build of MelonLoader installed.
5 days ago
Does the alignment issue happen without the playermodels mod installed? Because this mod doesn't mess with the positions of items at all (and neither did the old custom items). Also there was an update to the playermodels mod just an hour or so ago that I think might fix your problem with the hands being clenched, so I'd recommend trying that.
5 days ago
New update to the playermodel mod fixed the issue, thanks Chap!
1 week ago
Will this mod allow for the MagEjectButton mod to work on the Oculus store version of the game? The original MagEjectButton mod is incompatible with the Oculus version.
6 days ago
I just released an update that will hopefully fix the issue. I can't test it myself since it was already working for me on oculus, but I'm pretty sure this will solve the problem.
[email protected]
1 week ago
i use virtual desktop and then it worked for me although you do need a computer
1 week ago
well obviously not because I have the same problem. It literally does nothing but tank frames for me
1 week ago
Pretty sure that's just an issue on your end because the original mag eject and this version work fine for me on oculus.
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