Custom Maps (ML2.3+)
by Maranara
Original mod created by Herp Derpenstine and Someone Somewhere! Features from 1.3 onward are made by me, Maranara.


EasyMenu (Required to load maps): SceneSaver (Optional for maps that support it): Boneworks Modding Toolkit (Optional for maps that support Dummy Shaders): NEW Custom Map Guide:

How To Use

0. Place the custom map file (.bcm) into BONEWORKS/UserData/CustomMaps. 1. Load into a sandbox map. Please note that the map you choose can affect how the loaded map plays; objects from the original Boneworks map may clip through the loaded map and lighting may be drastically affected. 2. Open the EasyMenu via the radial menu and choose the Custom Maps option. By default, you can navigate with the right joystick and select options with the right trigger. 3. A list of custom maps will appear. Simply select the one you wish to load.


- Hotfix for a hotfix in respawn points. - Custom Map Template 2.0 released, which now includes the Custom Map Unity Tools by Greased Scotsman to make Scene Zones much easier. Go download at the Custom Map Guide.


- Oculus hotfix, deletes all cameras that are a child of the root. - You no longer respawn at inactive spawn points. - Other fixes and maintenance thanks to Trev.


- ByeByeLights option removed - Legacy option added: Legacy OFF enables Bye Bye Lights and sets the Custom Map Scene as active. - Custom skyboxes. Read more about putting them in your map in the guide under Features. These only appear with Legacy turned off. - Fixed bug with SceneSaver not working at all


- New Custom Map Guide and Template with examples of newer features and the Custom Items SDK - Dummy shader support, meaning shaders like SLZGlass and Void are now usable - Audio mixer support, meaning audio sources now respond to the player's volume settings


- Mapmakers can now force the player to use ByeByeLights by renaming their scene 'customscenebbl.unity' - Modprefs hotfix


- ByeByeLights added! This should fix any baked lighting issues mappers are having. If a mapper recommends you have it on, they mean it! What ByeByeLights does is remove all the lights from the scene before a custom map is loaded, along with any ambient light in the scene. Say goodbye to blown-out lights! - Added EasyMenu toggle for ByeByeLights, along with being able to decide if it's on by default in UserPrefs. It's recommended you only toggle when switching in-between maps or scenes. - Removed debug log references to Spirit Phone by Lemon Demon. You are no longer dead and buried, that's being revised.


- SceneSaver is now an OPTIONAL dependency thanks to reflection! - Upon death, you now respawn at the custom spawn point(s) of the current map loaded! - You can now have multiple custom spawn points in a map for deathmatch-type arenas. Read more about it in the Custom Map Guide!


- CUSTOM MAPS NOW GO IN USERDATA/CUSTOM MAPS - Fixed CUSTOM MAP ROOT null reference error. - Fixed teleportation 'flinging'. You can now load maps anywhere at any time without fear of being chucked into Project 4. - Custom Map Guide updated to be up to date with the current update. - Added Scene Saver support. Read more about it in the Custom Map Guide linked above.
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