Custom Map Interactions
by GreasedScotsman
CustomMapInteractions provides custom triggers and a variety of interactions that can be used when building Custom Maps in Boneworks. CustomMapInteractions is meant to pair with the CustomMapsUnityTools and the latest version of the Tools is included. CustomMapInteractions now includes a custom Security Bot NPC. The CustomMapUnityTools provide prefabs and visual representations for Custom Map Items like crates and weapons, NPCs like Null Bodies and custom triggers that drive interactivity like custom waypoints, the ability to add forces to any game object, change NPC behaviors, etc. It is highly recommended to watch the video(s) linked here for additional details. CustomMapInteractions Showcase 2: MelonVault Sneak Peek (showcases almost all Trigger types) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zL0ZsR_DBEc CustomMapInteractions Quick Preview of triggerable Doors, Teleportation, Feet-Only and Hand-Only Trigger permissions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNaEPG8UzLE CustomMapInteractions Showcase 1: Jump pads, player-only and collider-only trigger permissions, Waypoints, etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52D-ubHnUr4

Version 1.0.3

New Prefabs and Custom Interactive Objects CustomMapPatrolNPCElectric (Electric Security Bot): - A Patrolling, electrified Security bot NPC that: == follows a custom path, == Can scan the area & idle at each waypoint, == Will spot the player (allowing for a short window of time the player can avoid being agro'd), == Can target, chase down and damage the player, == Will investigate the area if the NPC loses sight of the player or if the player flees out of range. == While in investigation mode, will survey a wider area. == If unable to re-acquire the player within 10 seconds, will return to their patrol path. All values (scan angles, times, speeds, damage values, FOV, etc. can be adjusted within Unity. A video featuring this NPC will be included in the upcoming Stealth in Boneworks Showcase. CustomMapKinematicDoor: - Doors that open with triggered activation, with custom timing and auto-close functionality. AMMODISPENSERHOLDER & JUKEBOXHOLDER Teleportation: - Placeholder GameObjects that will become the teleportation targets of the AMMO DISPSENSER and JUKEBOX already found in the Blankbox Sandbox map. CustomMapPathingDamageSphere: - A Patrolling "Dumb" Rigidbody Mover that merely follows a path and damages the player if they get close A "VoidEcho" audio log example as seen in the Melon Vault Sneak Peek CustomMapTrigger: - The life-blood of the CustomMapInteractions mod. Handles the following Interactions: == Target the player == Move a NPC to a Waypoint (or chain of waypoints) == Set the NPC to Roam and specify Roam area == Set the NPC's mental state to Rest (stand still) and configure the Rest Range at which the NPC will awaken if the player draws near == "Spawn" functionality has been REMOVED due to the implementation of Scene Zones == Add a Force to any Rigidbody GameObject == Add a Force to any Colliding Object (this can include the Player and NPCs...) == Force Collider Toward Target applies a force to the colliding object with its direction set using the transform of the specified target GameObject == Set Gravity triggers a gravity toggle == Set Light allows the enable/disable of lights and setting their color upon triggering == Set Trigger Active enables and disables the Colliders of other triggers. == Destroy NPCs in Children will look for any NPCs as children of the specified parent GameObject and deactivate them. == Transform allows for the Position, Rotation and Scale
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