Boneworks Modding Toolkit
by YOWChap, Chromium
Current version: 0.6.5 This is a collection of useful functions for modding put together by @YOWChap#2200 and Chromium#1111 It also includes a modified version of BoneHook by @Someone Somewhere#6169 Everything is under the BoneworksModdingToolkit namespace.


- Add custom items to spawn gun - Load asset bundles from UserData/AssetBundles - Easily create UI canvases and text - Find the player - Get the hands and controllers - Get the object the player is holding - Fix shaders on imported objects - Replace dummy shaders with the real versions - Hook any Boneworks function - Access the music and sfx mixers in the game - Check if users have the latest version of your mod


For non-developers just drag the files into your mods folder! For developers, do the same and then add a reference in any of your projects. If you want to see some info about the functions in VS make sure you have the xml file in the same folder as the dll.


- Fixed prefix overload in CustomHooks. - Added a way for other mods to check their version. - Added a modpref, disabled by default, to have the radial menu in every scene. You can toggle this while playing through EasyMenu, but it's not a dependency.


- Added dummy shader support to all SLZ shaders - Added option to hook methods with a prefix instead of a postfix - Added Audio class for getting references to audio mixers


- Brought back the OnPlayerReleaseObject event again, this time with 101% less crashes.


- Made grabbing custom magazines from the ammo pouch a lot smoother.


- Added options to disable cleaning up mags or change the minimum distance and frequency of checks - Added Shaders class which has methods for replacing shaders with Valve/vr_standard and replacing dummy shaders - Some other small changes


- Added version checking so you know when there's an update - Fixed an issue with the spawn menu, which means: - Ammo crates will now actually drop ammo - You can get refunds from monomats again - The weapons in arena will spawn on the racks - NPCs in arena will work properly now - FindPlayer() now caches the player for better performance - Mags from custom guns are now removed when they're more than 5m from the player to improve performance The change to the spawn menu in v0.6 means that most mods adding items to the spawn menu will need an update. Thankfully it's really simple. If the item you're adding is from an asset bundle, in OnLevelWasLoaded() you'll need to unload and reload the bundle, then add the item to the spawn menu again. Make sure to set replaceExistingItem to true when doing this. Changelogs before this point were lost in the void.
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