Custom Items Framework
by YOWChap, Chromium
This is a mod made by @YOWChap#2200 and @Chromium#1111 for loading in any sort of custom items. This allows for new guns, melee weapons, random props, and more! It even works for NPCs, although they take a long time to set up. To install items, place .melon files into the UserData\CustomItems folder. You can enable/disable output to the console in modprefs. To export the textures of items when the game starts, enable ExportTextures in modprefs. Custom item textures will be put into UserData\CustomSkins\_Defaults\<MelonName>, player textures will be put into UserData\CustomSkins\_Defaults\_Player, and vanilla items will be exported to UserData\CustomSkins\_Defaults\_VanillaItems. If you want to load custom textures, put them in UserData\CustomSkins\<ExportedFolderName> and enable UseCustomTextures in modprefs. Make sure you don't rename the folders or textures. On average, custom textures take up about 5 times as much ram as disk space, so only include the textures that you modify.

Info For Creators


You can download the SDK to make your own items from here: Special thanks to: @Acies#3128 @Camobiwon#9295 @phord 3#7005 @RazikMazilya#0001 @TabloidA#7797 @tarf#9691 Hopefully I'm not forgetting anyone. Requires the Boneworks Modding Toolkit

New in v1.4.1:

- Fixed not being able to remove muzzle flashes on silenced guns - Fixed shells being ejected at the wrong scale after using a gun with no shell ejection

New in v1.4:

- Fixed occasional nullrefs with preferences - Added weapon replacement feature Replacement is configured with json files Replace randomly, by ammo type, by name, or a mix Exclude specific levels from replacement, per item or globally - Added more ways to customize your guns Silenced guns have a much smaller muzzle flash by default Creators can completely disable muzzle flashes on guns Spawn custom particles (or anything really) when a gun is fired Call functions or change variables on your item when you grab a specific point Change the scale of ejected bullets - Added version checking - Dave grew up

New in v1.3.1:

- Merged Fire Modes into this, so delete the dll if you already have it. - Loading times should now be much faster. - Items won't reload when changing levels unless you enable DebugMode in modprefs. - Added support for custom player skins and texturing any item that can be added to the spawn menu. Works the same as skins for custom items so you have to enabled it in modprefs. I've said it before but I'll say it again: only include the textures that you modified when releasing custom skins. Otherwise you're needlessly increasing load times and memory usage.

New in v1.3:

- Fixed GetCustomItem() - Added a way to change the textures on custom items, support for vanilla items hopefully coming Soomâ„¢ - Dave


- The CustomItems folder is now searched recursively so you can group .melon files into subfolders. To exclude a folder from being loaded, add "-ignore" or "_ignore" to the end of the folder name. - Added the GetCustomItem() method for getting an instance of any custom item by name. - Added VerboseLogging modpref, disabled by default, which will log the name and category of every item in each assetbundle instead of just the bundle name.


- Dummy shader support


- Fixed guns that were made with the standard shader only showing in one eye.


- Pretty much just updated to work with v0.6 of the toolkit - The debug mode option has been removed because bundles need to be reloaded now anyway. So it's always on, but just won't log stuff - Custom shader support coming Soomâ„¢
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