All Rounder Randy (Fixed)
by Jessica
REQUIRES: Devyn's Take & Hold Tweaker (and what this mod requires, you can find installation instructions at the bottom of the page, and please read carefully): The first custom character ever made (aside from Devyn's, of course...) is now the first on Bonetome! Unless someone else has snuck their way in before me. All Rounder Randy is a character similar to Classic Loadout Louis, but there is a good difference in balance, weapons have different costs and there is less RNG, semi-automatic carbines can be gotten much earlier and for much cheaper, assault rifle pools have strict magazine requirements and will always be automatic, there are even a few surprises here and there! Do note that as of V2.2.0, holds three through five are generally going to be a bit more difficult as they much more closely follow vanilla progression, and I haven't quite gotten around to tweaking around with those, but some more brutal holds should be a bit easier to deal with. V2.2.0 introduces support for custom weapons, there is a read me file included inside for how to get them working properly, just please note that this feature is currently somewhat buggy, there are weapons which won't spawn with ammo (custom weapons that use things other than magazines need to have ammo acquired from the ammo spawner), and some weapons will spawn with magazines which aren't supposed to spawn, if you don't want these issues to pop up, it'd be best to disable your custom weapons mods (or rather Potatoes' mods as those are the only ones currently integrated), but a better implementation of this feature should come soon in another update of Take & Hold Tweaker, else you can find V2.1.0 on Jeditobiwan's Discord (check him out he's a pretty cool guy, makes H3VR streams and videos).
V2.2.1 - Updated to V1.3.0 of Take & Hold Tweaker and stuff. V2.2.0 - Fixed one or two things and added an EXPERIMENTAL implementation of custom weapons
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