Great War Gunther
by VolkswagenBeatle
Hello everyone! This is Great War Gunther, my first character. It's a WWI themed character with progression based off of GI Grayson. Please make sure you are using the latest version of TnHTweaker and that you are on the alpha branch. Remember to report any bugs or other issues to me, as well as give feedback! One last thing, Limited ammo is very hard and endless hasn't been tested fully, so report any issues there. This mod requires the German Empire Sosig Uniforms mod, which can be downloaded here; https://www.dropbox.com/s/aggqrumnpisenux/german%20uniforms?dl=0 As it turns out, the version on Bonetome DOES NOT WORK, so don't install it. Special thanks to notcolin17 and doombox3 for making these! There is optional support for Potato's Gun Pack and my custom weapons. They are not necessary to play, so don't worry if you don't have them installed. You can see what modded weapons are available in the changelog. INSTALLATION - Install TnHTweaker and Deli - Download the zip file and place it in your mods folder. DO NOT EXTRACT IT! - Place the sosig outfits in your VirtualObjects folder
Great War Gunther V1.0.8 BETA CHANGES - Ammo Panels now always spawn on the first level - Readded the Hellriegel to SMGs - 160 round drum mags can now spawn for the Hellriegel - Added custom icons - Changed the outfit for scout sosigs (now wears a cap and different feet) - Support for Potatoes Compiled Gun Pack V6.2 - New Anti-Tank equipment pool NEW ITEMS - Added Bertheir Carbine to bolt-actions - Added Pederson Rifle to Carbines - Added Colt 1917 Revolver to Double-Action Revolvers - Added Tank-Gewehr to Anti-Tank - Added Vickers QF Gun to Anti-Tank Great War Gunther V1.0.7 BETA - Updated to TnHTweaker 1.4 - New German Outfits! (WIP) - Recreated the Equipment Spawn Pools (Thanks devyn!) - Moved Fedorov Avtomat to MGs - Slight changes to levels (sosig spawning and such) - Reworked Endless mode NOTES: Meatmas additions will be added soon after Meatmas day Great War Gunther V1.0.6 BETA CHANGES - Updated to TnHTweaker 1.3 - Created custom sosig profiles. (GWGPistol, GWGScout, GWGAssault, GWGSupport, GWG_FlameTrooper) - Reduced max number of Recursive nodes on level 4 - Changed node phases of level 4 to Hardened, Swarm, Recursive - Replaced Agile nodes with stealth - Reduced the number of sosigs at the supply points and holds across all levels - Separated and modified the melee weapon spawn pools (Farm, Improvised, Garage, Medieval, Tactical) NEW ITEMS - Added Trench Knife (Mod) NOTES - Endless has placeholder sosigs for the moment. Will be fixed in a future patch. Great War Gunther V1.0.5 BETA CHANGES - added compatiblity with Potato's Compiled Gun Pack - moved Schofield Model 3 from 2 point revolvers to 1 point revolvers - moved grenades from equipment to consumables - changed minimum level appearance for SMGs, Carbines, Auto-Shotguns, and MGs. Carbines spawn at level 2, Auto-Shotguns spawn at level 2, SMGS spawn at level 3, MGs spawn at level 4 NEW ITEMS - added Ruby pistol - added Pocket 1906 - added C93 Borchardt - added Gewher 98 to bolt actions (Mod) - added Winchester 1895 to lever actions (Mod) - added Federov Avtomat to SMGs (Mod) - added Hellriegel to SMGs (Mod) - added Chauchat to MGs (Mod) - added bayonets for the Gewher 98, fedorov avtomat, and 1895 - added Gewher 98 100m front iron sight to scopes
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