Potatoes' Compiled Custom Guns
by Potatoes
ALL THE GUNS IN ONE LOCATION, ONE DOWNLOAD! Note: Remove Potatoes' Custom Guns that are outside this folder if you are going to use this. If, for some reason, you do not want one of my perfect guns, simply remove the related file inside the folder somewhere outside the Virtual Objects folder.


Q: Some custom guns don't have magazines. A: tl;dr: i know, i can't fix it. use the mag referenced in the sub heading. slightly longer story: referencing items from h3vr is really hard to do and i haven't had the time to figure it out. Q: There's an issue with a custom gun i'd like to tell you about. A: Simply @ me on the modding discord or PM me on discord, Potatoes#1286. Includes: (By means modelled by.)

Potatoes' AK Underfolder 2.1.0

AK Underfolder (Assault Rifles) - By Doombox3 AK47U (Carbines)

Potatoes' Bastard Gun 1.0.1

Bastard Gun (SMGs) - By Doombox3

Potatoes' Chauchat MG 1.0.2

Chauchat (MGs) - By Alexander Kirby Under CC Attributation

Potatoes' Detective Special 2.0.1

Detective Special (Revolvers) - By Small Tony Receiver Special (Under Detective Special)

Potatoes' Extended Lee Enfield Magazine 1.0.1

Extended Lee Enfield Magazine (Bolt Actions)

Potatoes' Gewher 43 2.0.3

Gewher 43 (Battle Rifles) - By Notcolin17 Gewher 43 SBR (Under G43) Gewher 43 Obrez (Under G43)

Potatoes' Luty's SMG 1.1.1

Luty's SMG (SMGs) - By Alexander Kirby Under CC Attributation Luty's SMG Stocked (SMGs) - By Alexander Kirby Under CC Attributation

Potatoes' M2MG 1.0.0

M2MG (MGs) - By Doombox3

Potatoes' MAS 380 1.1.1

MAS 380 (SMGs) - By Notcolin17

Potatoes' MP5 Weapon Light 1.0.0

MP5 Weapon Light (Lights) - By Doombox3

Potatoes' Super AK Mag

Super AK Mag (90rnd) AK Spring Mag (720rnd) - By Notcolin17

(Potatoes') Turtle's Saiga Specials 1.0.0

Combat Magnum (Mag Fed Shotgun) - By PretendTurtle11 Bubba Special (Mag Fed Shotgun) - By PretendTurtle11

Potatoes' VZ26 1.0.0

VZ26 (SMGs) - By Alexander Kirby Under CC Attributation

Potatoes' Zip 22 1.0.1

Zip 22 (Auto Pistols) - By Notcolin17 Zip 9 (Auto Pistols) 22lr Drum Mag (Under Zip22) - By PretendTurtle11

Potatoes' Hellriegel

Hellriegel (SMGs) - from BF1 Hellriegel Bubba'd (SMGs)

Potatoes' M1 Garand Pistol

M1G Pistol (Auto Pistol) Turt Semi Spesh (Auto Pistol) M1G Pistol SP (Bolt Action Pistol) Turt Spesh (Bolt Action Pistol)

Potatoes' Bullpup SKS

RSM 44 (Under Carbines) (Internal 10 round mag, SKS) RSM 44 Polymer (Under RSM 44) RSM 47 (Under Carbines) (AK47 mags) RSM 47 Polymer (Under RSM 47) RSM 74 (Under Carbines) (AK74 mags) RSM 74 Polymer (Under RSM 74)

Potatoes' Gewehr 98

Gewehr 98 (Bolt action) - By Notcolin17 Gewehr 98 Sniper Variant / Curved Bolt (Bolt action) - By Notcolin17 Gewehr 98 Obrez (Bolt pistols) Gewehr 98 Bayonet - By Notcolin17 Kar98k Bayonet - By Notcolin17

Potatoes' Winchester 1895

Winchester 1895 (Lever action) - By Notcolin17 Winchester 1895 Obrez (Lever action) Winchester 1895 Bayonet (Bayonet is universal.) - By Notcolin17

Potatoes' Colt Monitor

Colt Monitor (MGs) 30 Round BAR Magazine (Under Colt Monitor)

Potatoes' VP70

VP70 (Auto Pistols) - By Doombox3 VP70 Stocked (Machine Pistol) - By Doombox3

Potatoes' Fedorov Avtomat

Fedorov Avtomat (Battle Rifle) - by Notcolin17 Fedorov Obrez (Battle Rifle) - by Notcolin17 Fedorov Bayonet (Bayonets) - by Notcolin17

Potatoes' Greasy Guns

Greasy Carbine (Carbines) Greasy Rifle (Assault Rifles)

Potatoes' Sputter Gun

Sputter Gun (SMGs) - by drummerdude2003


(If you are unaware, you can find H3VR's folder by right-clicking H3VR in steam, hitting Properties, Local Files, Browse Local Files.) Requirements Download LSIIC at https://github.com/BlockBuilder57/LSIIC and all the dependencies. Follow the instructions on the page, then create a folder next to the h3vr exe called VirtualObjects. Drop the folder into the folder. Then, drop the .h3mod located inside the Mods folder into your Mods folder, made by Sideloader. This is needed for the VP70 and Fedorov to work as intended.


Hellriegel added M1G Pistols added


Bullpup SKS added Fixed Hellriegel stick mag normals Hellriegel drum mags no longer fit in pockets Hellriegels can now commit melee damage


Hotfix, the Hellriegel broke because i didn't implement melee properly.


Gewehr 98 Added. (Bolt action) Gewehr 98 Sniper Variant / Curved Bolt Added (Bolt action) Gewehr 98 Obrez added. (Bolt pistols) Gewehr 98 Bayonet added (Long and Longer bayonets are there purely for the meme). (Bayonet is universal.) Kar98k Bayonet added. (Bayonet is universal.)


Winchester 1895 Added. (Lever action) Winchester 1895 Obrez added. (Lever action) Winchester 1895 Bayonet added. (Bayonet is universal.) Colt Monitor added. (MGs) 30 Round BAR Magazine added. (Under Colt Monitor)


RSM Rifles now display magazine used. Gewehr 98 Obrez now fits in small slots. Winchester 1895 now fits in small slots. G98 Rifle cartridge listed changed from 8mm Mauser to 7.92×57 Mauser. Saiga shotguns now display correct magazine. Fixed incorrect object wrapper for SKS bayonet (RSM rifles) Hellriegel drum mag no longer fits in a pocket slot.


VP70 Added. (Machine Pistols) VP70 Stocked Added. (Machine Pistols) Fedorov Avtomat Added. (Battle Rifle) Fedorov Obrez Added. (Battle Rifle) Fedorov Bayonet Added. (Bayonets) Sputter Gun Added. (SMGs) Greasy Carbine Added. (Carbines) Greasy Rifle Added. (Assault Rifles) VZ26 has been updated to standards with the rest of the firearms, including textures. Hellreigel Bubba grab position has been fixed.


Fedorov now uses Fedorov mags. Greasy Carbine now uses STANAG mags. Greasy Rifle now uses STANAG mags. VZ26 Foregrip now is toggle hold, not hold hold. Fedorov moved to Support Machine Guns because doom's annoying me. Sputter gun now has rails.
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